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fire breaks out overnight and this morning there are reports in virginia that some livestock perished. a big change in the white house uner circle. why white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel could be stepping down. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. and there you go. there is a live look outside as we get you going on this tuesday morning. thank you so much for being up early with us here foe fox 5 morning news.
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it is a little wet out there. >> it sure is. we have some rain coming down pretty heavy in some areas. let's check in with tony perkins. >> we've got rainfall. some of the rain is heavy here and there. we are going to likely see rain continue during the course of the morning hours. we have a flash flood watch in effect until 8:00 this morning for most of the area because of that rain. lets astart with hd radar. we'll show hua is happening as we speak. now, not the entire area is seeing heavy rain. it is a band of rain moving from the south to the north. that is now coming through man as just to the west of reston, virginia, up into leesburg, near gaithersburg and this is pushing to the north-northeast. we'll keep our eyes on this through the course of the morning. one little anwr owe band of heavy rain but there are more rain showers off to the east in prince george's county, anne arundel county, places like that in the chesapeake bay. more run will be arriving in the course of the morning hours. let's go to the graphics. here is your big picture of we
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have plenty of clouds. even where it is not raining, we have misty conditions. the a moist start to the day. the other thing you will note is that it is a breezy start to the day and the combination of the wind and the rain has us around like i said a flash flood watch. also has us under a coastal flood advisory. 72degrees is your current temperature in d.c. 71 in baltimore. 69 at dulles airport. your forecast for today look like this. early clouds and rain will give way to some afternoon sunshine. a high today, 81 degrees. more details on all of that coming up in just a you little bit. >> let's check in with julie once again with a look at traffic. >> it is getting busy out there. wet pavement and slowing drown traffic just about everywhere if you are coming in on 270 this morning. already delays for you leaving hyattstown. the lane are open. it is very much a slow ride head south.
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delays forming in germantown. in virginia, 66 close in from fair oaks to 1, heavy and steady. got a crash out before you reach middleburg. that is 24 # heading into middleburg and out towards 15. that is where we've got the accident activity tying up the left side of the road. callers tell us it is an additional 0-manhunt wait trying to threat through the three-mile backup headed to the accident scene. eastbound 66 before you reach 66, left side of the road is blocked. northbound i-95, the wreck we had should now be on the shoulder. a developing story from the white house as chief of staff rahm emmanuel is expected to step down and sources say it could happen this week. emmanuel is reportedly considering running for mayor of chicago. a source close to emmanuel says for final decision has been made. he is apparently looking into how the move and the campaign would affect his family. if he leaves, senior advisor pete oumed rip in-- interim ch of staff. investigators here being
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for the causes after fire that killed several cattle at a livestock facility in marshall virginia. there were as many as 250 cattle in the facility. most of them got out. we understand investigators have found five cattle dead in the barn. that is much fewer than had originally thought perished. they do expect to find more in nearby fields when daylight breaks. montgomery county police are looking for a rapist this morning. they say a woman was attacked early sunday in some woods near high point drive in germantown. the woman says the man grabbed her from behind and sexually assaulted her. police are telling people to be extra careful especially at night. president obama focusing on education reform this week. among his ideas, longer school years. viewers have been weighing in on with 53% of those polled agreeing with the president. 47% do not think extending the school year would help. but it was the president's comments about d.c. public schools are that raising some
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eyebrows this morning. less than half of the students here in the district are reading and doing math at their grade level. when asked in a televised interview if his daughter could get just as good an education in d.c. public schools as they did in private schools, the president ponded this way. >> i'll be blunted with you, the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling. now, they have made some important strides ore the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> furthermore, the president is looking to recruit 10,000 science, technology, engineering and maghtd teachers over the next two years p he says it will help students with critical thinking, text tend career opportunities and prevent american students from being outperformed by those in other nations. we'll learn more about today's state of d.c.'s budget when the district's chief financial officer gives a report from the wilson building this afternoon. there are reports that the deficit is much worse than expected, $100 million off the mark for the upcoming fiscal
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year. according to the "washington post," the city is projecting a $175 million deficit. what is to blame? a drop in sales and income attacks apparently, cough overruns by d.c. public schools and at least a $33 million shortage in fed indicated funds due to cuts by congress. more people are using reusable shopping bags. that is having a positive effect on the environment. the five cent tax is generating half of the $4 million revenue that analysts predicted. those benefiting from the revenue say it is working. the money is going to environmental clean-up projects. u.s. nuclear sites vulnerable to attack. that ard coming to former u.s. military members. wait until you hear what they say is behind it coming up next. the bans on teching while driving having a negative impact on the roads? we'll have more that startling report just released this morning. chrysler employees caught on camera drinking on a lunch break. we have an update to the exclusive fox 5 story. stay with us. 
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s are. a historic meeting in north creigh as making headlines. the meeting started just hours after the leader of north korea, kim i don't think ill, appointed his youngest son as military yen. experts say he is now being groomed to take over from his father who is in poor health. a group of former air force veterans maintain that alien outer pace are visiting u.s. nuclear missile sites. >> a white pulsating light in the sky. >> dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. >> these seven air force nuclear missile veterans claim to have seen ufos over 1960s nuke already missile sites that they say briefly shut down when the ufo was there. they have produced documents reouncing these things. >> a fully illuminated round
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object was hovering silently over the missile silo and shining a light down onto it. >> then from this dead stop, it shoots off to the east just like now you see it, now you don't. >> the u.s. air force office of special investigate headquarters at andrews air force base says it is not aware of any open case of ufos are alien sightings at any nuclear missile rings. the man behind the segway is dead. he was killed in an apparent segway accident. james heselden's body was pulled from a river in northern england on sunday. police say i segway type vehicle was also recovered. the 6 #-year-old owned segway, inc. -- the 62-year-old owned segway, ink. ahead this morning, your private edmonton mail and facebook messages all available for the government to check on.
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that is if new regulations are passed. why agencies say they need those regulations. 
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welcome back. a beautiful shot outside today although it is wet again after a long, dry spell. now we are making up for it. >> we are. we really are. wet conditions this morning and then we've got more rain on the way for later in the week as well. that is coming up too. >> still running out there in some places? yeah, i'm going to show that to you. the flash flood watch we talked about has been discontinuesed for the district and a couple of close-en in counties. it is still in effect for some of the farther out counties. generally speaking, we are hot getting as much rain. there are some spots of heavy rain. let's show that to you now with our hd radar. we'll show you the narrow band of heavy rainfall coming through at this hour. reston is right under this right now. reton getting the brunt of the
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heavy rainfall. also moves up towards leesburg, across route 7 up towards gaithersburg. this is where we're seeing this activity so we'll continue to watch that. again, it's small area of heavy rain. in fact, most of the rest of the area not seeing rainfall. we are getting some rain across the chesapeake bay now so we were see something showers in prince george's county, anne arundel county but that is now pushing off to the chesapeake bay and that is mainly light to moderate rainfall. so this is what we'll be dealing with through the course of the morning. more rain showers developing. and then i think this afternoon we'll be pretty good. take a look at your graphics. the bus stop forecast, temperatures in the low 70s this morning. rain likely as we've shown you. mild temperatures, sunrise this morning, 7:01 although you won't see it. satellite-radar composite for the eastern united states, here you go. there is your precipitation. now, this area of low pressure off to the west is moving to the north. it is pulling up all this moisture from south of here. that is why our ones are out of
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the south. the south early breezes are blowing pretty good. blowing the around 11, 12, 13 miles per hour. we have a chance of shower activity during the morning hours. as that low pulls up, i think we'll get some sunshine breaking out here during the afternoon. our temperatures look hike. this at tease, we are at 73 degrees right now. 7 # if we can update that bug. 7 # in quantico. 73 in annapolis. -- 73 if we can update that bug. 73 in quantico. some afternoon sure, warm temperature, 81 degrees for your high today. -- some afternoon sun. some of the rainfall will be heavy overnight and into thursday be more heavy rain touring the day on thursday.
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friday, saturday, we dry out. cooler temperatures in the low 70s. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >> wait a minute. so now, i got a date with slap shot tonight. is it going to be raining when i come out of the caps game? >> tonight, no, it will not be. we don't like it when we get our tail feathers wet. >> i want slap hot slap shot to be nice -- plus, when rein gets on him, doesn't smell that nice. >> the lane are open here outer loop at colesville road. 95 southbound, the ramp to exit ton eastbound 3 # is now closed buzz of an accident. southbound bw parkway open for
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business. -- 95 southbound, the ramp to exit eastbound 3 # is now close -- # -- 32 is now closed because of an accident. did the united states conduct industrial sabotage in iran in that is what some are claiming after a cyberattack on the country's nuclear power station. iran says the power plant's computer software was hit by a viral worm capable of seizing control of the plant and exposing top secret information. one expert says the virus is inif he canning 60% country's computers including those at the nuclear power planted. >> if they are saying it was only the nuclear plant, no, that is not 100% the case. any industrial system which is currently activand especially
6:20 am
digital systems, can be affected by the virus. >> experts say the sophistication suggests it came from a western country. the u.s. does have a no first strike when it comes to cyberwarfare. the feds may soon be able to follow out twitter or took whether or not you like it. the obama administration is reportedly working on a bill that would give the government better access to your electronic communications. the proposals could force companies to have the framework in place to unscramble encrypted messages. the center for democracy and technology has expressed privacy concerns. the blackberry has an answer to the ipad. more on the item introduced just for the holidays. that is straight ahead. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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can you soon get energy efficient apalestines for a discount.
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virch sales tax holiday for energy star and water sense projects will run from october 8th through the 11th. to get the discount, the items have on cost less than $2,500. they include refrigerators, washing machines, shower heads as well as other product. >> southwest could soon be flying out of reagan national. some say that could be bad news for passengers looking for lower fares. adam shapiro joins us with with our business beat. so you get a little good news, a little bad news. but at least we had news yesterday. >> southwest going to buy airtran. still has to be approved but both companies, their stock both shot up. iewrkly, the company being acquired, their stock will go up whereas the company doing the acquiring, that you are stock will go down because they have to come up with the cash. southwest stock went up, a signal that this merger is really liked. southwest did not have access to a left east coast and
6:25 am
airtran does. now, southwest by merging with airtran will have access to those markets as well as mechanic owe and the caribbean. the plan is to have one company but still operate two different airlines. this deal still waiting regulatory approval but it looks lick all systems go, ready to take off. >> southwest has always been known for -- they preach low prices, no baggage fees. kind of like listen, we're your airline. does this hurt the whole competition thing though if they are bringing somebody el on board? i don't know if i'm qualified to say if it hurts competition. jetblue, which would be one of their competitors, that you are -- their share price went up yesterday. where the competition would occur would be delta and u.s. air which would have routes into the caribbean and mexico. and carriers like delta, it is difficult to compete because the cost structure with southwest. it will be interesting to see if it pulls fares down for you and me which is betting money.
6:26 am
on the other hand, fares, how often do they really stay down? they're going to go back up gentleman and do we really understand how that works anyway? >> absolutely not. >> we do know there is competition out there between apple and blackberry and now
6:27 am
research in motion firing the latest shot in this war. >> everybody is coming out with a tablet. research in motion has theirs called the playbook. no price tag on this thing but research in motion, they are the people would make the
6:28 am
blackberries. they are promising it is the best thing since sliced bread. it will beat the apple's ipad. it has two cameras, both hd the world is safe. life is good. you can't buy one yet. take two tablets, call me in the morning. >> we'll find out just in time for the holidays. we have a new report out that shows the laws against texting and driving in many cases may be having a negative impact on the roads. we'll explain that thought process coming up on fox 5 morning news. also following our top story it the white house this morning. >> reporter: a major shake-up in president obama's administering involving the white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel. will he be leaving his post and when? i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the details when fox 5 morning newsreturns. yoee.
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the heat wave continues to bake parts of southern california. temperatures typed record 113 degrees in los angeles. the blistering heat caused widespread power outages. 0,000 homes loft lost power yesterday and several wildfires broke out across southern kasey kaufman. temperatures are expected to remain hot today, just not quite as hot as 113. parts of thee states in the midwest have been dealing with major flooding. >> people in wisconsin an south dakota are still dealing with high levels of water n manhunt
6:31 am
minute, home owner are already in recovery mode. ainsley earhart has the latest on the situation there. all right. obviously, the picks really tell the story there with the devastation that so many home owners are dealing with. they are in recovery mode now so maybe thicks will improve. >> those picture from minnesota and we know in wisconsin, the river won't reach the crest for another day sore so. here, we have had a flash flood watch in effect. it is still in effect for parts of our area until #:00 this morning, not for washington, d.c. itself but some counties in our area under a flash flood watch. we have a coastal flood advisory in effect until 5:00 p.m. >> have we had that much rain? >> we've had rain depending on where you are, we've had anywhere from a tenth to about an inch of rain but also facting into the coastal flood
6:32 am
advisory are the winds that push that water up against the shore. so that is the issue we have there. the wind are blowing pretty good. they are gusting up to about 21 miles per hour right now. let's take a look at hd radar. we are not seeing that much in the waive rain at this point. there are a few little areas of heavy rain primarily -- that one spot has dissipated a little bit. moving from reston up towards gaithersburg. that little spot of heavy rainfall and then that is it. there are some showers here and there across much of the rest of the viewing area but they are light in nature and it looks like we may be starting to wrap some of this up. i do think there is still a chaps for some showers during the course of these morning hours but then we'll get awe little bit of relief during the afternoon. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 73 degrees. relative humidity at 84%. those winds are out of the southeast at 10. but like i said, they're gusting up to 21 miles per hour at this time. your day planner to if you had today, morning clouds, morning
6:33 am
rain showers. that will give way to partly sunny skies this afternoon, believe it or not. high about 81 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in a little bit. that is a look at the weather. oming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. the question is about tsunamis. we'll answer that for you in a little bit. >> we'll get to julie right now with traffic. >> we have to jump right in here. southbound 95, the ramp to eastbound # #, that is where we had reports of an accident. it is all leered according to m- d.o.t. -- eastbound 32, that is where we had reports of an accident. you'll fine the top side outer loop slowing 95 to georgia. 59 in virginia slowing in the main line and the hovs leaving woodbridge. an earlier incident cleared. also in virginia, eastbound,
6:34 am
dulles toll road at 71 found 7100 for thecrash. at 7100 for the crash. now to a developing story. with all highs on the white house this morning, there are reports that the pre's chief of staff could be stepping down as soon as this week -- the president's chief of staff could be stepping down as soon as this week. >> sarah similar monday -- simmons is joining us live outside the white house. >> reporter: good morning. emmanuel has long expressed interest in running for mayor of chicago for quite some time. and for you with the incumbent mayor richard daley expressing the fact that he will not be running for re-election, has really opened the door for this. sources close to emmanuel say they expect that he will make his announcement about whatever decision it is as soon as this friday perhaps. now, there is there has been speculation for months that the
6:35 am
white house chief of staff would be leaving his post but, of course, once the chicago mayor announced he would not be running, speculation over emmanuel's departure grew even more. emmanuel, again, he has long expressed his interest in running for the office there and a source close to emmanuel says he has not mad awe final decision yet. a big factor that is coming into play right now is how a campaign would affect his family, his wife and young children. now, president obama had this to say about rahm possibly leaving to run for mayor of chicago. take a listen. >> i rae v. said i think he would be an excellent mayor but until he makes a decision, i'm not going to be making decisions about how i'm going to approach it. >> reporter: now, should emmanuel be leaving, the president would have to appoint an interim chief of staff. one of the name that has come out most eastently has been pete rouse, a senior advisor to the president. he is also the former chief of staff to president obama during
6:36 am
his years in the senate. the president has also made it known that, if rahm does make the decision, he will have to make that decision soon whether or not he will run because the mayoral race will be taking place in 2011 in chicago this coming february. we're live near the white house. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. a 2-year-old boy is fighting for his life chrisically injured after he shot himself accidentally. he found a loaded handgun under his 16-year-old brother's bed. investigators say the gun was stolen. they are charging the brother and the brother's girlfriend. they say she tried to hide the gun at a playground following the shooting scientist d.c. judge has delayed the trial of man accused of killing chandra levy. the june has postponed it it until october 18. lefty disappeared in 2001. her remains were found one year
6:37 am
later in rock creek park. the fbi under fire this morning after some agents allegedly cheated on tests. an investigation by theious department found they cheated on tests covering surveillance of americans. inspect inspectors say the acts improperly took the test together or had an answer sheet. new this morning, it appears a ban on hand held phones while driving -- it appears those regular layings against that don't appear to reduce distracted driving accidents i'm new report by the highway loss data institute on texting bans in four states found that crashes actually went up in thee of the states. crashes increased among drivers younger than 5 after the bans took effect in all states. researchs are think the rise in accidents may be because some drivers are now putting their phones down in their laps. >> we are not s this result. one pocket is that for the drivers that are still
6:38 am
continuing to text, in an effort to hide the texting from police, she may be doing it more dangerously. but that is just a theory. >> the finding are cob accident with another study which found that banning hand-held phones while driving doesn't reduce crashes. we have an update on a story you will only see on fox. several chrysler employees now out of work after they were caught on camera drinking during a lunch break. we showed you the video last week the workers from a detroit assembly planted drinking beer and smoke what appears to be marijuana. chrysler as said 13 of the 15 people were fired. the other two were laid off without pay for a one-month period. a lot of us can relate to. this forgetfulness can be frustrating at times. one man's memorandum ray was so bad he would forget where he put his keys.
6:39 am
new brain game that is helping him gain control of his life. tsa thinking about easing those liquid restrictions at airports. it would be more convenient but what about the security in fox 5 morning news will be back with that and more. ♪
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yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake.
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get off the motorcycle. state police. >> a maryland judge has dropped charges stepping from this viral video. it shows a state trooper pulling his gun during a traffic stop last march. the motorcyclist was later arrested under the state's wiretapping laws after he posted this helmet cam video on youtube. maryland requires two-party consent to record a private conversation. a judge ruled the trooper had no expectation of privacy during that traffic stop. the motorcyclist still faces traffic charges. new developments in the emergency landing of that delta flight at jfk airport over the weekend in new york. it turns out the faa had issued a warning in july that the landing year of that type of plane, the series 900 plane,
6:43 am
may be unsafe. that is the same series of plane involved in the incident saturday. the right wheels of the plane got stuck in the up position so the landing gear did not come down on the right side. the pilot was able to land safely on the left wheels and right wing. the cause still under investigation. we haven't been able to toss it in the carry-on if a couple years now but your full- size bottle of shampoo may still be welcome again. >> tsa is thinking about easing restrictions on liquids. good for customers but what about for security. bob ward spoke with passengers. >> reporter: at logan international airport and at airports around the world, heightened security is the new normal. we are all familiar with full body scanners that look for hidden sploif devices an wave grown used to the nearly complete ban on carrying liquids ton airliners. that ban went into place in 2006. but now there is word the ban
6:44 am
on liquid containers in carry- on luggage may be eased up. the reason, new equipment that can detect explosives in liquid container is coming online and will soon be available at airport security checkpoints by 2012. many passengers like the sound of that. >> ful extraing with an infant and all the stuff i have to deal with, i feel comfortable that the technology will be able to see what they need to see and keep us all safe. >> when they're putting computes are through the scanners and checking everything, so why not the gel. >> reporter: but others are wary. they are concerned about how inhaven'tive and determined al- qaeda terrorists can be. >> it just make people be able to put whatever they want in there and probably find ways around to hide it. probably not a good idea. >> kind of feels like you are stepping back. can you buy a drink on the other side. you don't need to bring it with
6:45 am
you. >> bob ward reporting there. >> all right. you're up. >> i am? >> you are. >> shall i jump right in then? >> sure. >> i would like to jump right in. let's take a look at hd radar. we'll show you what is going on out there. we do have a little bit of rain. we've hay couple of spots of heavy rain but that is pushing out of here as we speak. a little area of heavy rainfall just north of gaithersburg. just a couple of light showers elsewhere. there is your pocket as you see the areas of yellow and orange. it looks like we have a new advisory just popping up here off to the west. we'll find out what is going on there. that is where they have had some heavy rain well out to the west in western portions of maryland. it is a thunderstorm watch? severe thunderstorm warning, not here but well out to the north and west. you saw that just pop up. couple of showers just off to our south and west along the beltway. reston, see something shower activity and some showers down as you head towards culpeper. let's take a look at the graphics.
6:46 am
we'll look at radar, show you how things are shaping up across the region. we are see something severe thunderstorm activity just there in the panhandle of west virginia pushing into western maryland. meanwhile, here we have some light rain showers. scattered rain. we'll get a good break in the action. we are getting it right now as a matter of fact. now, more moisture being pulled up the coast by this area of low pressure so we'll continue during the morning hours to be under the gun for more rain showers but it looks like a lot of that activity will be to points east of washington and then after that gets through here, we should be rain-free later on today. get some sunshine breaking through as well. current temperatures around the region, we are at 7 # degrees here in washington. 73. 7 # up in baltimore. 7 # in leonardtown. fredericksburg is at 72. winchester, virginia is at 68. -- 73 up in baltimore. 72 in leonardtown. we have a flash flood watch in
6:47 am
effect for part of the area. five-day forecast, after today, tomorrow starts out okay. we get another shot of rain late if the day. i can't tell you on the timing right now. don't really know . it could be around rush hour tomorrow afternoon. we'll set up for a quiet weekend, i believe with much cool are temperatures. high only in the 60s to around 70 degrees for the weekend. there you go. that is the weather. time now for ask the weather guys. yep, it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to we are your most preeing questions, weather- related or otherwise. thank you's question come from cameron arks fourth grade student at georgetown day school. cameron writes, i'm doing a project extreme weather. can you please plain what a tsunami was. good question. only now as i'm reading it on
6:48 am
the air do i think cameron, we're doing your homework for you. >> i thought that right away. cameron is very smart. >> yes, she is. students can be among the most devastating weather-related events if you call it weather- related. it is not really weather- related. >> loosely. >> loosely. that we see on the planet. a tsunami is essentially a giant wave or series of waves that is made in an ocean or another very large body of water like the super big lake that is usually caused by an earthquake a landslide ache volcanic eruption or the impact of a meteor. >> really? >> yes. we're familiar -- we've gotten more familiar with tsunamis over the recent years after the large one we saw in asia and i think we have some file footage. but also because now tsunami warnings are more -- can we
6:49 am
have the camera back on tuck tucker, please. we are not done with tucker. the warnings are more common now because they have more of the the devices out there to detect tsunamis. tucker, you want to jump in. >> yeah, i do. i want to mention that they can move up to 500 miles per hour. so remember the big earthquake in chile a couple of months ago. they were issuing tsunami warnings for hawaii six hours, eight hours down the road. it is astonishing how fast they can move. imagine if you threw a big stone into a maul respond and you can watch the ripples of energy. same principle with the tsunami. >> what is curious is sometimes they don't develop after some of these events which scientists -- we are still learning a lot of about tsunamis. they can be very devastating but essentially, that is what it is. you know what? it is not a tidal wave.
6:50 am
those are two different things because tsunamis have very little to to with tides. they occur whenever they occur based on the event that causes them. so there you go. i hope you get an a on your homework. thank you for writing in. if you would hike to have your question answered, go to and click on the weather tab. we'll try our best to answer it for you as accurately as we can i can't or if you would like the guys to do your homework for you, then feel free to send that along as well. >> cameron, if you don't get an a, le -- let us know. we'll make these guys do a little more research. >> how embarrassing to have the weather guys do your homework and you don't get an a. >> that wouldn't be good. >> what does that say about you guys? >> it would not be good. >> all right. well, good luck. on the roads this morning, outer loop. beltway at 202, this is where we have the accident activity. runner nexting delay here as
6:51 am
you work your way out two greenbelt. more slow traffic from route one in college park extending around to georgia avenue. southbound 95 on and off in the icc. if you are traveling south on 270, look to delays in germantown and pretty much from mva headed south. you will slow at boundary chapel drive crossing the 14th street bridge. 95, one continuous delay from dale city up to the beltway. also on the toll road, you have an accident 657, stay to the right to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> a new survey finds that while americans are deeply religous, many are also ignorant about religion. researchs from the pew forum on religion and public life asked 3400 people about the bible and other religions. only about half answered the questions correctly. those who scored the highest were agentivitys or ago noft
6:52 am
ins as well as jews and mormon as. -- or agnostics. could a game be the answer to people who have adhd. >> some say it could be the secret to better focus. we have a report. >> light blue. red, red. >> this former college professor is now becoming a student. >> things that i knew perfectly enough to talk about in class weren't there anymore. >> reporter: dr. jack loman says he couldn't remember with where he put his keys along with information he had studied to decades. >> i was forgetting a lot of folk, the names of poets and the name of poems. >> reporter: that led him here to use a computer program called brain train. he is stimulating the parts of the drain that will help him remember. >> it is like taking your brain to the gym and exercising it and getting that muscle pumping. >> wendy says she uses brain
6:53 am
train for kids and adults for hemmery problems and improve processing speed. >> as you may, game get longer and longer. so while you would initially start paying attention for three minutes of time, while you are playing for a couple of week, you are at six or seven minutes. >> i have aseen fox who have not needed to start medication because they've done well enough after doing brain train. >> the brain train certainly improved my ability to remember. >> reporter: jack says the program is working for him. he is now able to remember some of the poetry he loved best. >> more likely to remember who it was that said it and what they said it in. can you deposit your cash yourself at the atm and these days self-checkout is becoming
6:54 am
more and more common place as well. >> but do it yourself mechanics? how about that. we'll check in with holly. she is live this morning at an auto shop that lets you work on your own car. >> interesting. >> i guess if they can show you how to do it, it would be a good thing. ananiges
6:55 am
in 2008 i quit venture capital ananiges to follow my passion for food. i saw a gap in the market for a fresh culinary brand and launched we create and broadcast content and then distribute it across tv, the web, and via mobile. i even use the web to get paid. with acceptpay from american express open, we now invoice advertisers
6:56 am
and receive payments digitally. and i get paid on average three weeks faster. booming is never looking for a check in the mail. because it's already in my email.
6:57 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and on this tuesday morning we're going to be talking about auto repair. we're at a garage this morning in sterling, virginia. a garage that's been open for about five months or so. and guess who the mechanic is? it's you. and this is called do it yourself mechanics. here they will rent you the lift, the tools, they even have some parts you can buy and you fix your own car. this morning we are going to talk to the owners and find out why they thought something like
6:58 am
this was really needed, where they got the inspiration for the idea and most importantly, we're going to talk about exactly how much money you can really save if you do this. and if you are sitting there thinking, but what if i don't really have all of the car know- how to fix my own car, they have a mechanic on staff here at all times that you can ask questions and in the future they're going to hold classes so you can learn how to do it yourself. gurvir, you can take the power into your own hands. nothing feels better than car power tools in your hand, so i hear. >> it's a great idea. we'll check in with you later on. there is a dog in texas being hailed a cirro for saving a toddler from a deadly rattlesnake. this family take in rescue dogs before they are adopted. he saw the dog and 1-year-old looking at something and it
6:59 am
turns out it was a rattlesnake. by the time he got there, the dog jumped in the path of the baby. >> my sob paused -- my son paused to look and vandy came right in front of my son and that's where the snake was. i believe vandy stepped in front to take the bite for my son. >> puppy kisses. the family brought the dog to the emergency animal clinic for treatment and the dog is expected to be just fine. it's time to say good morning to allison and steve. >> good morning to all of you. coming up, a maryland toddler shoots himself with a gun that he finds. now his teenage brother is facing charges. >> a shakeup at the white house. we are live with more on why rahm emanual is apparently planning to step down. and the white hous

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